Debra Rapoport is now on Etsy

I have big news to report!!! Debra Rapoport has started an Etsy store where she will be selling several of her incredible handmade hats and embellishments. She is working on getting new higher res pics up very soon, but if you want to a quick peek to see what’s in store CLICK HERE.

  • Such a delight!!!
    Good for Debra.

  • Anonymous

    Will be great to see Debra on Etsy. Would be even greater not to have high res pics so that my slow internet can cope with it 🙂 xx

  • This is GREAT news! LoVE Debra and her work and it's delightful that it will be available to those of us who live "elsewhere." xxoo

  • I love Debras work, feel like my bank account my get upset when I start shopping for her hats!

  • MOST excellent 🙂 I'm going to go favorite her shop right now!!

  • Congrats Debra! That is wonderful! I will visit your Etsy now…

  • Anonymous

    I'm hoping that Debra will consider putting some of her beautiful cuffs on Etsy, as well.
    jill in Ontario

  • Wonderful news!!!
    Debra is one of a kind as are her original creations.
    She is a true artist!!!
    Congratulations, dear Debra!!!