Life Advice from a 97-Year- Old Woman (VIDEO)

One of best perks of my job is getting to meet wonderful people in interesting places all over the world. Last week, Debra Rapoport and I  were invited to Orchard Cove Retirement Community to speak as a part of Hebrew Senior Life’s College of Retirement lecture series. Before our presentation we had an afternoon to walk around and meet some of Orchard Cove’s inspiring residents. It’s a privilege to be able to spend time with and learn from so many incredible seniors like 97-year-old Sylvia Carle. Check out the video above to hear how she stays so vital.

  • She is beautiful Ari. When I saw her standing so straight, I immediately lifted my shoulders, held them back and sat straight and wow it is difficult. I will think of Sylvia when I slouch and take her good advice. Thanks Ari and a hello to Sylvia.

  • A lovely beautiful woman who is indeed an inspiration to all! And wonderful advice.

  • I love that her advice was to be friendly! Friendliness is highly underrated.

  • Rebecca

    What great advice from this lovely woman. I love her words about developing her other assets because she didn't feel her looks would be the focus for her.

  • Anonymous

    I love hearing these words of advice! thank you…I straightened up too.

  • Amazing!!! Beautiful silver hair.

  • So true keep moving especially yoga. It makes so much difference. Very inspiring

  • She is so elegant..beautiful!!

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  • Anonymous

    She is as wise as she is beautiful. This post made my day. Thank you Sylvia.

  • She is so pretty and what fantastic advice huh, I'm now standing as tall and straight as I can :). For Silva to continue to exercise (Yoga) is such an inspiration

  • Fantastic advice. Sylvia is an inspiration and a beautiful woman.

  • Oh what beautiful style and grace. Posture is so key to growing older and yet has such a strong effect on not only how we look but how we feel from the inside out. I love how she said being friendly is important. I need to work on that one and remember to smile.

  • What a lovely and inspiring lady. Seth, you are indeed a lucky man to be in the company of such amazing women.

  • Lynne97060

    Not beautiful? Not everyone is born with a "pretty" face but we can all strive for beautiful posture, grace and style! Woman's got forty years on me and stands up straighter than I do. And I adore her hair!

  • What a doll… so inspiring and beautiful.