Re-Deux, Revisit

I first photographed Colleen outside her consignment boutique, Re-Deux, in Rancho Mirage, California two years ago. She was totally unaware of how striking she is and it took a bit of convincing from my mom before she would let me take her photograph. I was thrilled with the results and included her portrait in my book. I popped into the store again last weekend to catch up. It was great fun to surprise Colleen and I was delighted to get some great new photos to share with everyone!
  • Wow! She's beautiful.

    I'm currently growing he colour out of my hair and pictures like this are so inspiring.

    Another trim and I'll be free!!!


  • she should grace the cover of People magazine as the most beautiful. i kid you not. Ari make it happen!

  • woww… i love her style.. stunning

  • she's so beautiful! I wish I could look like this lady at her age!

    awesome inspiration!

  • Absolutely beautiful! What an inspiration to all!

  • Oh yes, indeed, she is a beautiful woman!

  • Too bad there are no exercises to get cheekbones like that. :O)

  • GORGEOUS!I aspire to be just like her!

  • Anonymous

    she's so beautiful :)) and shiny and smiling ! 🙂

  • She is Lovely!!! Would love to hear her interviewed. She looks like one who has learned to take very good care of herself and has evolved into a style and grace that we all can appreciate.

  • Oh to be THAT comfortable in one's own skin!

  • So chic!

  • Beautifully! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful lady!!!

  • She is like a faun, so delicate and gentle. This is definitely one woman who doesn't 'get' that she is so very beautiful in the way so many cheapen. She is a real treasure, an angel. I hope she is well loved.

  • Colleen is GORGEOUS! So glad she decided to allow herself to be photographed. Stunning!

  • She is beautiful! I am so very inspired by all of these beautiful women! Thank you for all of the beautiful photos~ you have given me renewed hope!

  • She is very beautiful. I am glad your Mom persisted and was able to help you get such a lovely first photo.I love the name of her shop, too.

  • She is one of those ladies I look at and think "I hope to age stylish and beautiful like her".

  • She is incredibly stunning!!!

  • muriel

    Hello from France!
    I came upon your blog a year ago and I visit it regularly with always the same pleasure. It is pure bliss to see all the ladies you meet and take pictures of. They are all so stylish and they all look so free and happy.

  • Woww, she look so glamorous!

  • She is really very beautiful !! and glowing !

  • WOW Gorgeous Lady! Love her classy style

  • So Beautiful!

  • wow. she is very glamourous.

  • Oh yes, indeed, she is a beautiful woman!she looks really very very beautiful in tall the dresses
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  • Gorgeous –

  • She's beautiful!!!

  • She is STUNNING!

  • Delighted to see the variety and zest of the women and men you feature here! Thank you for creating this gathering place where we can celebrate the beauty and creativity of strong personalities who have triumphed over time.

  • CJ

    This lady is quite lovely, a natural confidence in her own skin that glows through & radiates from her.

    All your Advanced Style ladies give us all something to aspire to, thank you for bringing them to us.

  • Your first photo of her is my favourite by you, the one that really makes me think I want to dress like that when I'm as old as her… It's great that you got to meet her again!

  • She is beautiful.


  • This woman nails it.