Silver and Black

I met April through my dear friend Colleen, in Palm Springs a few weeks ago. After a lovely lunch we went outside to snap a few pictures. Look forward to some more California street style in the upcoming days!

  • Very striking! She looks elegant and ready for anything that comes her way!

    Art by Karena

  • Beautifully! I love it. Yours. 🙂

  • Me too.

  • When a MINI SKIRT meets a MAXI SKIRT and they boty look FANTASTIC!!!! I have great legs but afraid to wear mini's. I may change my mind now!!!

  • She looks great! She is so brave to wear that outfit!


  • Ari, I loved the article in the Times. You are making it easier for me to say I am 71+. I like that a lot.

    Oh and silver, black and red or yellow are my go to colors these days.


  • Today Palm Springs is too hot for anyone. The ladies are beautiful tho.

  • woww.. love that black and white accessories

  • Strong empowering woman.

  • Lynne97060

    Really nice way to bring black into warmer weather, but remember the sun block!