Orren Davis Jordan and his wonderful husband Robert Parker are visiting New York from Santa Fe, where they run an amazing jewelry boutique named Wink. After months of communicating online, it was a pleasure to finally meet this incredible duo in person. Not only do we share a passion for over sized accessories, but Orren and Robert are also great friends with Iris Apfel. I can’t wait to visit their shop in Santa Fe and get a deeper view into their colorful world.
  • Ari, what a stunning couple! I love their style. And their over sized accessories – and their glasses. Wow!

  • Fabulous, yeahhhhh

  • Beautiful jewellery!

  • I'm a regular and devoted reader, but I must admit that it took a trip to LA for me to read the NYT Magazine's review of you, your book, and your website. Bravo. That was great stuff. These guys are too.

  • SOOO much fun. The perfect message of "BE WHO YOU ARE" and CELEBRATE IT!!!!

  • They are stunning! I wish there were more men who dress like this. Love the blue giant paisley shirt. Smiles and very best wishes to them.

  • I'm not surprised they are friends with Iris Apfel – love their bold eyeglasses and eclectic style!

  • That is absolutely fabulous! <3

  • This clothes will be look good on the King from Africa:* We like the Hermes cobalt bag:*

  • Would you guys consider adopting me?

    amen fashion †

  • Anonymous

    Beyond . . . thank you for including these guys. I aspire to be as open in my personal style.

  • Oh my God. They're wonderful!

  • Oh my goodness… They are wonderful!

  • Ridiculously great style! Love love love them and their look. I'd love to see those bracelets close up – when you go to Santa Fe, please make sure to get lots of detail shots on the jewellery!

  • ahh Santa Fe what great shopping for totally unique items! Grew up in Alb frequented Santa Fe (parents had good friends there) actually been to Wink AMAZING!!! these two are true fashion!

  • Fashionmista

    Two fabulous looking gentlemen. Love the jewellery, the eyewear , that coat and that bag. Beyond gorgeous.

  • What glorious style!

  • I know what store to visit if I ever go to Santa Fe!

  • MS

    So glad to see O an Rob on your blog. Not only are they stylish, they are totally sweet. xoxo

  • MS

    So happy to see O and Rob on your blog. Not only are they stylish, they are great guys! xoxo

    And Rob is a genius at hair, too!

  • interesting style:))

  • Loved the detailing 🙂 just one word fabulous..

  • They are both gorgeous!! I am loving that cuff with LAPIS!

  • Love that their outward expression of style seems true to their brand and personality. They seem to have balance eccentric pieces with basic essentials flawlessly. True style is always original. Style Is Timeless|

  • MY FAVORITE! I have some of those bracelets….love, love, love. How fast can I get to Santa Fe, I want to meet them.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Anonymous

    Why can't we see people like them in Devon, UK?! Fabulous!