A Summer Look

This woman looked absolutely delightful for a day of shopping in the West Village. It was one of the hottest days of the year and she still managed to keep her cool!
  • Cool and gorgeous indeed.

  • That lady really looks stunning: young and fresh!

  • She looks so delightful. It's so good to see such practical shoes. I bet this woman has a lovely natural style of walking. her posure is wonderful.

  • Its beautiful !!!

  • great dress on her!


  • beautiful :)I love how she pairs the sneakers with that dress!

  • that's a lovely look, my gf would approve of this for a shopping day

  • I love the stylishness of the dress with the practicality and comfort of the shoes. As we get a little older we can still get the support from a good shoe while expressing ourselves in a fashionable and appealing manner. Thank you for sharing this.

  • I think she is absolutly beautiful. I might only be a 38 yr old man but i know beautiful when i see it. I think it does not matter what you wear. I feel if youve lived your life with a kind heart the beauty will shine fron the inside out . Even in a picture your heart will show a awesome outer beauty. Good day laidies.