A Visit to Orchard Cove

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Orchard Grove, one of Hebrew Senior Life’s retirement communities outside of Boston. I am always interested in visiting senior communities and was very impressed by the philosophy and services offered by Hebrew Senior Life. Their attitude towards aging was totally in line with Advanced Style with their staff encouraging residents to build a community, be active, and continue to set goals for the future. Check out the positive affect this kind of care has had on residents Lettie and Sylvia in the video  below.
  • It is then so sad to see people who lose interest in doing anything…

    I hope my grandma will live on to continue being an active lady like these two. She's been my example: she and her husband go for daily walks to the outdoors around their home (they live at the outskirts of Prague) and every year go at least once for a week somewhere to the mountains where they take hikes… She's a cancer survivor, and has been for about fifteen years now, I think. I don't know how much one's mindset can actually help heal, but it sure helps with the living afterwards!