A Warm Smile

I spotted this woman while walking down Madison Avenue. When I asked her for her photo she was a bit surprised, but she warmed up to the idea when I told her a bit about my blog. 

  • How adorable, i am sure you also made her day and that she told her friends and family all about it.

  • Your posts always make me smile. This gal is right on trend with the cobalt / floral pattern / espadrilles!



  • Ari – I would have loved to hear you explain your blog to her and watch her expression change as she began to understand.

    How often are you recognized by your intended "target"? Has anyone been out looking for you to find them? I may resemble this question as I was wanting The Satorialist to find me, and you to find my mom when we were in NYC the week before Memorial Day.

    Ah well, next time!

  • I love her style.


  • Beautiful!!

  • I want her purse!

    I'm a long time reader (well. A year or so) and enjoy your blog.

  • Gorgeous smile… xv

  • I am glad she did.
    You have such a great eye, Ari.

  • I love that dress. Lovely picture. Your blog always makes me smile.