A Floral Summer

Running into Lana Turner is such a treat. She always brightens my day with her head to toe vintage  looks. I invited Lana to a special tea party tonight, hosted by my dear friend Alice Carey. Expect a video from this evening’s festivities in the very near future…

  • She looks amazing. And that takes effort to keep oneself in her wonderful shape. People can say, "Oh I wish I had your figure" but they have no idea how much discipline one must have and how much responsibility it takes to keep oneself in that great of condition. She is a beautiful example of how to age gracefully with taking good care from the inside out!!!!!

  • She is like a gorgeous garden in bloom!

  • So elegant. She's eluding a vintage yet currant vibe due to the minty color and opaque purse. I don't think I've ever seen pastels worn so well!


  • Ohhhhhh, the hat!

  • Stunning!!!

  • Love the shoulder detail, confidence in what you wear clearly does come with age – she looks fantastic.

  • Love the shoulder detail – she looks fantastic. Clearly confidence in what you wear does come with age.

    Emma @ Modelhub.com

  • Oh my, she looks absolutely amazing! The colours are perfect.

  • This is so over the top fantastic!

  • I love that she turned this outfit into a concept. I need that bag! I really want to start wearing outrageous hats too.



  • Lana looks so glam and pretty. Such a stylish woman.

  • Absolutely stunning!

  • Beautiful!


  • beautiful for sure. stunning, mind blowing.