Barbara at Lincoln Center

Barbara looks perfect for a warm summer evening at Lincoln Center in her light weight jacket, jumpsuit.

  • She looks fabulous!

  • The lady looks good, so beautiful. I'm always happy when I see dots. Very stylish hat that matches.

  • CarolWL

    I love her style. I just love the outfit, the big glasses, the bracelet/watch (?) and, of course, the hat. And red lipstick. So comfortable and stylish, just what I aspire to.

  • thank you, this great post.

  • Glorioussssssssssss

  • Thanks you from turkey

  • Anonymous

    Always stunningly stylish…morning, noon and night…casual, formal, business always perfect from head to toe… brilliant and graceful inside and out…that is Barbara Harris!!!

  • Barbara Harris is pure class all the way. The lady always looks good in public!

  • Anonymous

    Barbara is always stylish and right on for living her style, She is what we call SPECIAL.

  • Mustafa Bağcı

    thank you blog

  • hakan
  • hakan
  • hakan