San Diego Summertime

Street style scouting is a bit difficult in California as people tend to spend less time walking around and more time in their cars. Every time I visit home or travel to Los Angeles for work my mom has rounded up a great group of stylish ladies for me to photograph. The woman above works at one of my mom’s favorite stores, Dolores Campbell, in Hillcrest.  I’m lucky to have a mom that is willing to help and has a great eye for Advanced Style.

  • Thank you for posting a picture of fabulous California ladies…'s true, our car culture in the 'burbs and country farms may be the reason for not seeing how women dress. In our "walking cities" – San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Ventura, you MAY find some folks who want to get dolled up…..I AM ONE OF THEM, but mostly you see the same ho hum, boring uniforms.

  • That looks like a very cool summer outfit. I know what you mean about the car thing – we walk everywhere in London & once took a bus trip to the Hamptons from NYC. We walked to our B&B from the station, people thought we were insane!

  • Love this. The flowers and the color gives the look so much life.

    Best, x

  • I can't get over how similar the fabric of her clothes is to our curtains… only the curtains have white flowers on them as well. I love that combination of light warm yellow with red flowers. 🙂

  • Age is not factor for fashion. Gorgeous and looking cool!

  • Your Mom does have a great eye indeed!

  • LOVE, LOVE LOVE! Hope I'm this stylish.