30 Of The Most Wild and Wonderful Hats You’ve Ever Seen

I am always drawn to people who wear hats. Maybe it’s because my grandfather used to lend me his old Stetson’s and fishing hats, or maybe it’s just because they can just be so magical. I think my dear friend  Mimi Weddell put it best when she said ,” The only romantic thing left in life is a hat.” Here are some of the most wild and wonderful hats I have photographed over the last few years.

  • Maureen in Cheshire UK

    Some great hats but what I really want is that coat in photo number 3. That is amazing. Love it

  • wspaniałe kobiety! wspaniałe kapelusze! szczerze podziwiam!!!
    gorgeous women! great hats! sincerely admire!

  • Love all these hats! 🙂

  • Thank you Ari they are magical!

  • i like number 3.

  • Anonymous

    fun! i think the best accessory of the hat-wearing woman is her attitude! and her smile!

    they're all so sassy.

    i especially love the black "bones of a hat" hat, the chartreuse and black jersey and wire pop-up hat, and the pink beads wig/hat.

    but they're all great in their own way!


  • LOVE these ladies and their fun hats! I hope I'm like them when I'm older.

  • Fabulous hats.

  • all these hats are amazing, love that black hat in the shape of circular rings

  • What is so lovely about all of these hats is that the personality of the wearer is reflected in their headwear, and each woman wears their hat with confidence and "Hatitude" (to quote the Style Crone)

  • Ah, so much inspiration….well done to them for going out and wearing what they like!

    Not many people would do that and it's so refreshing to see people being brave and making a difference!!

    Love it! 🙂

    Layla xxx


  • Ari,

    I always wondered why so many of the ladies in your picture wore hats. Now I know. Thanks for sharing that. I agree some of these are WILD (and to be honest I don't care for them). Other hats are fabulous (and I love them). I guess that's the point, to each his own.

    The Chief Blonde

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wondrous!!!! So glad to see that the art of millinery is still alive and appreciated. Milliner Anthony Maxwell

  • What a fascinating post! And BRAVO to millinery!

  • WHAT A CROP of GORGEOUS AND VIBRANT women! Ah, hats are such a great way to express and these women take it to the next level!

  • I started taking note of which ones were my favourites, and then got lost… They're lovely, simple as that!

  • I really love this blog, the hats are amazing.

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