Advanced Style Summer Salons

This gorgeous woman stopped by our annual Advanced Style workshops, at The Museum of Arts and Design, a few weekends ago. Every summer Debra Rapoport leads a series of salons where she guides museum guests in making beautiful accessories and treasured amulets out of recycled materials. Don’t miss out on our next Summer Salon taking place at Mad Museum on August 24th. For more information CLICK HERE .

  • Amazing lady and short dress suits her a lot!

  • Saw this workshop online and wish I could have attended. Looks like they had so much fun!

  • Anonymous

    looks like fun!

    love the cutie with the cape and headband!


  • Very fun indeed, but also very practical … i love this beauty complex idea…I enjoy so much this kind of workshop, i participate at two one in Prague and one in Leeds and it was very rewarding…

  • Thanks for sharing such kind of nice and wonderful workshop……Nice post Dude…… keep it up.

  • Really great and perfect Style of hair.