Christina Viera Explains How To Turn An Old Pair Of Shorts Into A Stylish Jacket


As promised here are some more shots from my shoot with Christina Viera. Christina always embellishes her outfits with the most unexpected accessories. Watch some of her tips, including how to turn an old pair of shorts into a jacket, in the video above.

  • WOW!!! Love this creativity!!!! She is a great model for her style. She is a great INSPIRATION for me to experiment. I am the least crafty person alive but at least it is fun to try. I sparkled 4 pair of my shoes and had to throw them all away because they looked like a kindergarten project gone wrong.

  • That skirt is amazing!

  • This is one of the coolest DIY outfits I've ever seen, and it looks like it was purchased at a very expensive boutique. Christina is so amazing! It made me want to go out and buy a bunch of dog toys and sew them on a skirt!!

  • Christina Viera is my new Refashion Hero!!!

  • This video should come with a warning: Viewers may laugh out loud – as when Christina gestures to the quilted cammo detailing at the bottom of her skirt, reveals that they are actually dog toys and then squeezes one til it squeaks! Sheer genius.
    Jean & Valerie

  • Wow! What an inspiration, I'm really loving this and how creative it is! I hope when I get to her age I am as imaginative and creative as this! mwah! xx

  • WOW times 10! Love this!!!!!!

  • Fan-tas-tic!

  • From time to time, I come to your blog and check out all these fashionable and inspirational ladies you take pictures of. But today, I must leave a comment, since I am amazed with her style. Her creativity is beyond fashion, it is ART.
    And btw, I love your work as photographer as well.

  • Fantastic love how she turned those shorts into something amazing. Cute shoes too.