Joyce Carpati, The 80-year-old Cover Star of The Advanced Style Coloring Book

I went over to visit my dear friend Joyce and give her an advanced copy of The Advanced Style Coloring Book. She can’t wait to share the news with her granddaughter that she is now a cover star!!! The book will be available in stores on September 3rd or for preorder online HERE .

Image Via Instagram

  • Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr elegante!!!

  • she's beautiful!

    great blog. so glad I found it.

  • Fabulous indeed.

  • Colouring and the advanced style ladies! What more could a dame want? x

  • That sounds like fun!

  • Farah

    Very chic – true style has no age!

  • Joyce is stunning, and I love how she styles her beautiful hair.

  • ordered and can wait to make the colorful ladies even more so.

  • Lovely woman! To admire and delight! Greetings from Polish Beata

  • Joyce is so stunning…
    Congratulations on being a cover girl!! 🙂

  • Can we have her skin care regimine? Her skin is amazing.

    Love the cateyes!

  • wersja z perłami ,istne CUDO 🙂

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  • C. Aldrich

    She is indeed lovely, but has clearly had a lot of work done. I prefer to see women who have embraced aging without the help of cosmetic surgery.

  • Will she share where her sunglasses are from??? I have the same face shape and those look fabulous on her. Dying to know!!!