Smile and The World Smiles With You

A well known photographer once told me that if I ever wanted to show my work in a gallery, I would have to stop photographing people smiling. I never ask my subjects to smile, but have to admit that I  love when they do. The people I photograph everyday bring me so much joy. I guess my photos won’t be shown in a gallery anytime soon ;)…

  • Love this look Ari! Is that a dress she is wearing with the orange jacket or a skirt . . . As always, yours is the FIRST email/posting I look at whenever it appears. Thank YOU!

  • I love this look Ari! And the smiling face. Could you tell me if that is a skirt or a dress that she is wearing with the orange jacket? I love the length and the folds of the skirt.And, Thank YOU — whenever a new listing of yours appears, it always makes my day.

  • Love these ladies and their fun hats!

  • Nice hats and all these womens are extremely beautiful 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This must be a Dutch lady, with all those bikes in the background!

  • Great smile and awesome photograpy ari, your pict is more than art or fashion for me.
    Good job!

  • The Museum's loss. Or, that is just one critics opinion.

  • oh she has wonderful style! it is the gallery's loss if they don't show your photos..capturing a genuine smile is so much harder than capturing a face without one.

  • Manuela

    Do not listen to such pompous nonsense. I guess that is one of the reasons why I am losing interest in much of the so called contemporary "art".
    Your pictures are an hymn of joy, keep posting!

  • You have plenty of photos with women keeping straight – and interesting – faces, so, you know, just take the photos you want to take and when it comes time to show in a gallery, the curator will have plenty to choose from. I'm surprised you haven't shown in a gallery already!