Beauty Unrecognized

When I asked this woman if I could take her photograph, she replied, “Why would you want a photograph of an old lady like me?” This is a response I hear quite often. I’m always surprised when some of the women I photograph don’t realize how inspiring and vibrant they truly are. After the shoot, she smiled and I thanked her for making my day.

  • You probably made her day too. :o)

  • I love how this lady breaks some of the "rules" — her hair is still long, and put up, and she's not wearing safe neutrals.

  • These responses probably occur because our culture has conditioned people to revere youth and reject age – especially women who age. While this sentiment is slowly changing (largely due to visionaries like you, Ari)and strong, inspiring women like Lynn and Diane, it still is a sentiment that is very prevalent in our culture. While younger women (in their 50s) are now overcoming that bias, older women are still of the conditioning that age is a negative. In a recent photo you posted of 3 stunning women of age on a film set – regardless of their obvious beauty and elegance -someone actually commented "but look at their necks." With this kind of thinking, the abolition of ageism against women still has a steep hill to climb. Ageism against women will take generations to fade, but with your inspiration and dedication, it WILL happen. We all love and respect you Ari, for the love and respect you are showing us!!!

  • beautiful Lady ! elegance pure.

  • It's sad she didn't realize what a striking beauty she is. Obviously no one tells her on a regular basis. How nice you could!

    I love this particular pose. I'll have to remember it! Pinned it to my fashion pose board too!

  • Love her ring & earrings. She looks so chic!

  • Rosana

    Esta hermosa dama me hizo recordar a mi abuela. Su serena belleza es Impactante !!!

  • Beautyful indeed!

  • What an elegant lady, she is such a beauty.

    New on my French fashion blog:

    Noeuds pap' on my jacket (Bows on my jacket)

    Bisous bisous!!!

  • Lost in thought Lady, beautiful.

  • Oh so true. I have a habit of telling women they look beautiful when I see them….my husband thinks they are too.

  • Kiran

    Every day that you post a new picture of these amazing, stylish women, makes my day too. I'm so grateful they let you capture their style, beauty & charm and that you share it with us all. They are an inspiration. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps inspired by this blog, today I stopped an older lady in a cafe who was wearing a pretty yellow dress and told her how beautiful it looked. She just lit up, which made me light up. It's surprising how few fantastic-looking people realize how fantastic-looking they are!

  • haha, so amazing info. But one day when you come and say to me: Hey girl, can I take a photo of you, i think my response will always be: Im not a good model but I highly appreceiate if you can see the beauty inside me:D

  • Anonymous

    How heartbreaking. Such a stunning woman who doesn't realize it.

  • Another inspiring post, but this one brought e to tears reading the comments…x

  • Nice post
    She Look elegance pure.
    This picture define that there is no age limit to Look beautiful.

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  • The details she has chosen for her look go against her response to your admiration. We (at any age) know when we've made an effort before going out that we look good and sometimes, great.

    Even with this self recognition, when we are complemented it is rare to simply respond with a smile and, "Thank you." So as not to appear self absorbed.

    It is a lesson/rule as old as time. As with many rules there are times when they should be broken… listen to your next complimenter. Smile, and say,"Thank you."

  • Anonymous

    Ah, but you recognised her beauty, Ari, and by posting her photo, we can all appreciate it as well. Thank you for a lovely shot of a truly beautiful woman!

  • I love this look…I aspire to it. LOVE the green (emerald? ) ring on her finger as well!