The French Teacher

I used to love looking through my grandmother’s old photographs and was fascinated by the styles and hair do’s popular during her youth. When I spotted this gorgeous woman, she instantly brought me back to these photos. She reminded me of The Gibson Girl with her marvelous up-swpet hairdo and gorgeous features.

Image Via Les Beehive

  • Gorgeous! I'm always fascinated by the piled-on hairdos of yesteryear. This woman, though, seems timeless. She is just freakin beautiful.


  • Elle est magnifique!! 🙂

  • Charming.

  • Anonymous

    So much for the rule that says women over 40 must have short hair. She looks fabulous!

  • Beautiful!!!!!!

  • I hear you will be visiting Belgium very soon? Weclome!

  • Gorgeous!

  • Beautiful hairdo!

  • So beautiful. Is she really a French teacher? I am looking for one. How cool it would be to have such a beautiful French teacher.

  • The Gibson Girl era hairstyles influenced fashions in Japan, as can still be seen in hairstyles of geisha and traditional brides in Japan. The Japanese styles are, of course, very stylized and with a Japanese twist.

  • She gives an electrical feeling. Very beautiful.

  • i like it, this great!

  • Anonymous

    I love your work sooo much…and I love all this beautiful people!

  • CarolWL

    Just lovely. I so love those upswept hairdos. I really want to learn how to do them.

  • Ardilla

    Preciosa! me gusta tu blog , sólo muestras gente interesante. Saludos