Tie- Dye Styled

I have always loved tie-dye t-shirts, but have never seen  one worn as elegantly as the one above. When I complimented this gorgeous woman on her wonderful shirt and accessories she replied, ” My grandson made it for me and I pull it out once a year and today is the day. I don’t usually let people take my photograph, but since I’m wearing the shirt, go ahead.” What a lucky day for me!
  • Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Her sunglasses are everything.

  • Julia Fenton

    She's stunning!

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  • Oh that's wonderful. I love tie dye and have done it on a couple of t-shirts. She looks like a very happy woman. By the way, I emailed you a page of painted Advanced Style Cartoon book. Hope you like it.

  • She wears it so well. I'm assuming that she loves it even more since she's reminded that her grandson made it for her when she wears it. x


  • Good

  • I have seriously just become obsessed with you. You are TOO cute.

  • I absolutely love it

  • It's lovely looking 🙂 ha ha

  • She is incredibly beautiful. This photo makes my day.

  • I love the tie-dye t-shirts, it look so amazing! And the belt too.

  • you look so beautiful !
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  • Great combo… yeaaahhh great look!

  • Anonymous

    Glamourous tie-dye!!! The bright colors, backpack, and proud smile bring energy to her classic style.

  • It's very lovely 🙂