Diane Von Furstenberg

I was just about to put away my camera and meet a up with a friend in Lincoln Center, when I noticed  Diane Von Furstenberg walk by. I ran up to her and she kindly let me take a quick photo before heading into an event.

  • She was just walking on the street and she looked like that? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a Beautiful woman she is!!!!

  • I have loved DVF forever! I owned all of her dresses in the early seventies…ALL! In ALL colors. I lived in them!!! Of course, I weighed 60m lbs less than I do today. But for the love of me… why is her hair always in need of help???? Her skin looks great, and her chin follows suit.. why doesn't her hair!? I neverthought if DVF as an Advanced Style gal!!

  • That's a gorgeous photo. DVF is a fantastic woman, I like her a lot.

  • Anonymous

    best photo i have seen of her in years! she should hire you for her press pics!


  • Way cool! She is always a true beauty.

  • This woman is pure elegance. She is not trying to impress anyone or draw attention to herself. She is just her wonder self. When I grow up I want to be like her, even though she is only a few years older than me.

  • Anonymous

    I adore DVF! Style, life icon!

  • WOW!! 🙂 And what a gorgeous capture, Ari!!

  • She's wonderful and looks a sympathetic person!

    Liliana from Fashion Blog | Um Blog Fashion

  • Paula Alexandra

    beautiful fur collar