Debra Rapoport takes creativity and DIY to the next level with her awe inspiring and imaginative looks. Whether she’s making hats out of paper towels, or turning a pillowcase into a hat (like in the photos above) you can always count on Debra for some style inspiration. The other day I caught her in the middle of making some of her famous “Viva Paper Towel Hats,” so I whipped out my iPhone and made the short video below. Hope you enjoy Debra’s wonderful tips and I can’t way to see everyone’s creations…

  • Debra and I have to meet soon, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love, love, love.

  • great idea! I like it!

  • Maureen in Cheshire UK

    I want those earrings in the video. They are so amazing. Hats aren't bad either but I'm an earring girl

  • Wow! Now that is what is called being very creative. I'll have to stop by her Etsy shop to visit. Way to go Debra. Thanks Ari.

  • Anonymous

    simply wonderful!! xx

  • Debra, I am the least crafty person in the world but you make it look like so much fun. Your sculptured looks are marvelous!!!!! Thank you for showing us how to do it even though I would not attempt it I adore hearing how YOU create your works of art.

  • Incredible hat creations. Thank you Debra and Ari!

  • oh, old fashion lady.

  • sandy

    First, about you Debra: I love your hair and your style in this video. Of course, what else is new? You are beautiful always.

    As far as these hats: you need to get some type of award for this. This is truly an excellent way to recycle and upcycle.

    If you ever decide to start a hat business through crowd sourcing on a site like kickstarter, please let me know I would donate. This idea is one of the best

    I've seen in the last 10 years. You are the bomb!

  • Great video, so perfect!

  • Great debra. i like the way the hats are with you.