Huffington Post Live’s Best & Worst Dressed with Lynn and Alice (VIDEO)

Lynn Dell and Alice Carey joined the Huffington Post Live, once again, for a lively conversation about celebrity looks of the week. I think they were absolutely hilarious and spot on. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts…

  • Anonymous

    I couldn't agree more…Fashion says 'Me too' but Style says 'Only me'.
    If anyone was playing it safe it was the team at Huffpost.

  • Elli

    lovely video !

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Love those women – personality, charm, individualism. Cheers for the greatly aged pair.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing your photographs of these ladies, it was so wonderful to see what great personalities they have. I feel like I know them personally now.

  • That was GREAT!! Loved hearing the critiques. I think style is telling a story with your outfit and taking a risk. Anyone can dress like an Ann Taylor mannequin but HELLO…put your personality into it if you have one. And if you don't… on that first!!! Those two ladies have personality plus and a joy to see and listen to.

  • Is'nt it lovely to see and hear the confidence that Lynn and Alice have when they speak? Thank you so much for being spokeswomen for stylish elders!

  • It's so lovely to see the confidence of these stylish women. Thank you Alice and Lynn for being spokeswomen of stylish elders. And I agree with 'Anonymous' What safe choices! Surely they were not really the 'best' and 'worst.' Smiles for an enjoyable video.

  • I think Lynn Dell and Alice Carey should come up with the Best Dressed and Worst Dressed celebs for Huff Post Live!

    They have wonderful personalities and speak so well–great role models for women of any age.

  • youre look beautiful…..

  • Anonymous

    …did you say the mousy underdressed speech affected girl was a fashion editor? Does she not know how to dress for the occasion and hold her own?

    Our 2 delightful wise learned grade dames ate her up and spit her out!

    …they did miss one opportunity…tell the cute host next time he couldn't be underdressed if he tried That handsome is always the best thing a man can wear…say it with those experienced gamine eyes :)?

  • I just watched the whole video and I found it vastly entertaining. Here are the two hosts, in plaid shirts looking very hipster (and to my eye boring), and the wonderfully exuberant Lynn and Alice with very distinct personal style and opinions. To each their own, but at least do it with conviction. I liked the observation that it might be better to be on the worst dressed list-at least you get noticed! To hell with playing it safe. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!! XXOO

  • I want to watch the tv programme that should be on with these fabulous women – They stole the show!!

  • Hilarious! And I completely agree about the playing it safe and looking like it came off the rack. I love the idea of expressing yourself through clothes … maybe some of the celebrities don't have much personality, so their clothes reflect that. (sorry!)

  • Beth Seetch

    Wow, I wish Alice and Lynn could give Miss Ellie a makeover. They have much to teach, and enjoying their company reminds me of some older dear friends I miss.