I was on the subway a few months ago when I noticed a gorgeous woman sitting next to me with flowers and butterflies in her hair. The subway car was too cramped to get a proper photo and my stop was quickly approaching. I handed the woman my card in hopes that we would meet again. We finally met up a few days ago in her stunning apartment near Central Park. Magda was even more breathtaking than I had remembered. As she was putting her signature flowers in her hair she told me “My life is colors, always full of colors.” Stay tuned for more pictures from my wonderful afternoon with Magda next week.

  • She is simply awesome…..

  • Oh, yes, I want to see more. She's fabulous!

  • She is wonderful. Wish we could learn more about her life along with the photos.

  • FABULOUS!! What a beautiful soul… 🙂

  • Wow! Magda, my only hope is I can grow to be even a 10th as stunning as you!

  • She is stunning, love her style!

  • Anonymous

    Her style is young and fabulous!

  • Flowers and butterflies, ahhhhhhhhhhh Pure magic.
    Thank you so much for putting us all in the picture and making age something to look forward to. Dear Ari.
    Love and sunshine ALWAYS

  • Realmente maravillosa! adoro los accesorios! el conjunto de flores, mariposa y collar realmente es spectacular… que deseos de tener algo de ese buen gusto y estilo!

  • Anonymous

    Outrageously beautiful. What a lady!!! Can I marry you?

  • ines

    Que mujer mas espectacular… sus accesorios se le ven maravillosos!! los sombreros y mariposas son hermosos sobre ella! yo quiero un sombrero o un collar de esos!!