Marvelous Magda

I have always been inspired by the seniors in my life and find it refreshing to meet people who share the same attitude towards older people. I asked Magda’s dear friend Daniela Arrendondo to share a few words about how she inspires her:

Life is about living and there are special people who show
us the way. One of them is Magda Llohis de Gutierrez. I am a 37 year-old woman
and there is not a moment that I spend not learning how she lives life. In Magda’s
presence I can only feel an eternal summer. Full of color, passion, wisdom, and
warmth. I cannot remember a single day where I have not seen her in
her own amazing style. Many passersby stopped to admire during Ari’s photo session with her, from Lenny Kravitz to a group of five year-olds, who said, “I like her!
She looks like Frida Kahlo.  Sara
Jessica Parker once saw her at Bergdorf’s and complimented her and her trademark
flowers. I am sure you will also notice her necklaces. Each one is one-of-a
kind, made by her. I could write about Magda forever, but I leave it to you to
look at Ari’s photographs and be inspired by her confidence and style.  Magda, you are a true piece of art, you are precious
and lovable. And I am lucky to be your friend and student in life.
  • What a blessed person you are to show us the beauty of these amazing people…..

  • Stunningly beautiful.


  • Cris

    Magda you look gorgeous!!I'm absolutely agree with Daniela's are color, happiness and experience!

  • Oh she is magnificent, and unique! A beautiful woman who knows what she wants in life. Bravo!! You go Magda! Thanks for sharing Ari. Take care.

  • I want to be Magda when I grow up! (I also want that patchwork dress.)

  • Your blog is a constant reminder that getting old doesn't have to be boring! Beautiful Magda is such an example of a stunningly well dressed and elegant woman…so true to her own style…glamourous and slightly eccentric! Wonderful!

  • De mayor quiero ser como ella.

  • What a great post. She is super lovely and that bedroom is just gorgeous. I love her style!

  • A beautiful and inspiring post!!! Thank you!!!

  • Absolutely lovely!! The flowers, the jewellery, that AMAZING gown…she looks like bohemian royalty!!

  • I admire your work with these young ladies, full of style and joie de vivre. My style and more discreet but I have them as a reference for joy of life. Congratulations for your blog.
    Vanda Panzica

  • Magda,

    Realmente espectacular! Se refleja fidedignamente la originalidad y la gran clase que siempre te destaca. GUAPA Y OLÉ!

    Panamá te extraña, Yolanda y Sergio

  • Anonymous

    Simply stunning and elegant!

  • Such a great look!

  • OMG, simply stunning, I wish I get 1% of Magda's irradiation

  • What a great post. She is super lovely and that bedroom is just gorgeous. I love her style!

  • Anonymous

    Magdissima splendid.

  • Anonymous

    Querida Magda estas preciosa tu belleza exterior no es nada comparable con tu belleza interior.
    Te quiero mucho

  • Maravillosa mujer… con un alma tan calida y viva como el color, energia y alegria que proyectan las fotografias… Hermosa y encantadora! un abrazo!!!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful and exotic woman. I met you in Panama in Glorias house and you impressed me tremendously. GUAPA!!!!!! Hope to see you soon!

  • Anonymous

    Magda , me han encantado tus collares y tus collages…y conocerte….!Tenemos la suerte de compartir una maravillosa amiga!…

    Toda tu obra, y, tu misma, es, son, Arte y Creatividad al maximo…! sin duda alguna !…Solo hay que conocerte, conocerla…

    AH!… me encanta coincidir con los ninyos de cinco anyos en su apreciacion de que les recuerdas a Frida Khalo…siempre genial!

    Magda, sigue adelante con tu energia, fuerza y bondad…y, sobretodo, con tus ganas de vivir en colores!

  • Anonymous

    Magda que tal!! fue muy lindo conocerte y ver como las fotos que te tomaron captan enun instante tu esencia.. mantente asi siempre!! 🙂

  • BRAVA MAGDA!!! :)))

  • AMAZING!!!! Fantastic Magda!!

  • Leticia Mercedes Moreno Chima

    Conocí a Magda hace 4 meses y supe enseguida como quería expresarme yo, ella es no sólo a nivel visual un ser extraordinariamente vital y lleno de color y personalidad, también su estilo de vida y pensamientos son inspiradores!!!
    Doy gracias a mi otra gran amiga Claudia Rey por haberme presentado a esta maravillosa mujer.
    Siento que mi vida se enriqueció aún mas a partir de ese momento.
    Larga vida a Magda!!!!