My Mom

I just got back from Italy where my family celebrated my parent’s 41st Anniversary. I took this picture of my gorgeous 65-year-old mom in Capri! My mom taught me to respect and appreciate older people at a very early age. It is because of her and my grandmothers that I started this project and I will be forever thankful for their love and support.

  • This is such a lovely tribute! She obviously raised you well, and I can imagine she must be very proud! x

  • She looks beautiful and radiant

  • It's amazing that you show this women style. Perhaps they don't have a perfect body, but they have something more important: a perfect soul, a perfect heart.
    Regards from Spain.

  • Oh Ari, you Mom is just lovely. She raised a wonderful young man and hats off to your beautiful mom. She looks radiant and I'm sure she is so proud of you. Love that hat and matching sweater and shoes. She rocks! Thanks for sharing.

  • Your mother is an inspiration to many.
    Hope she enjoys many more happy anniversaries.

  • Hi, Ari
    This might be my favorite post yet- which is saying a lot because I look forward each day to the fashion and style I might see.
    You have an amazing eye and a wonderful spirit.
    And thanks to today's post, we now know where you get it!

  • What a lovely photo of your mum. She is beautiful and very stylish. I think it's wonderful that, these days, women can still be stylish, even when they become "a woman of a certain age" (which I am!).

  • Your Mother is precious, and lovely, as are you. She raised a good,respectful son. God Bless.

  • I'm sure your Mom is so proud of you for taking the lesson she taught you and using it as the philosophy for your blog!

  • Such a lovely and stylish mother and a wise mother. And it's wise teachings. beautiful post.


    Such a lovely and stylish mother and a wise mother. And it's wise teachings. beautiful post.

  • How wonderful to celebrate with her – i am sure she is proud.

  • She is absolutely beautiful. Lucky man!

  • Lynn

    First time commenting.

    Your mother raised you well! What a beautiful tribute to all the women who had a hand in your upbringing.

    What a lovely photo of your mom. Can't believe she is the age you say. She looks too young.

  • Happy Anniversary to your parents and a very beautiful photo of your Mom!

  • your mom looks beautiful indeed.

  • What a lovely and radiant woman and such a great mom she taught you well, thank you so much for sharing such a happy occasion with us.

  • Wow you're mom looks fabulous and I'm sure no one ever guesses her age!! Gorgeous!! So glad she taught you well, she's obviously a woman of substance!!

    Hugs Giggles

  • Anonymous

    I am new to your blog and I love it! This is a beautiful picture of your mom and I am so impressed by the son she raised and the respect he has for us older generation!