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Jean of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

I always find it challenging to explain what I do for a living, especially in the course of a short conversation. There is so much to share about the wonderful people that I photograph. This is why I look forward to opportunities where I can speak about my work and discuss some of my favorite moments and stories from the past few years. I have some upcoming events where the ladies and I will be speaking about Advanced Style and signing books. We hope to meet some of you there!

Advanced Style Photo Exhibit, Presentation and Book Signing
Date: October 24, Thursday, 7pm
Location: Stamford JCC, Stamford, Connecticut
Details HERE

Mirror Mirror- Representations and Reflections on Age and Aging, Presentation and Book Signing
Date: October 29, Tuesday
Location: London College of Fashion, London, England
Details HERE

Advanced Style Book Signing and Party at Koi Boutique
Date: November 23, Saturday
Location: Koi Boutique, South Pasadena, California
Details HERE

  • Here's hoping you can arrange a Phoenix stop-over as well. We've cooled the weather off a little for you!!

  • Just tell people you're an artist slash writer, famous blogger!! Because you are! A darn good one too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  • Wow! Wish i could be there! Love the pic, exelent taste of fashion…!!! Now i follow you on Bloglovin!!! xxx

    Gabriela Rose

  • I love that you are doing book signings/talks all over the globe! I will be in NYC from Oct 22 – 27 so hopefully will run into you sometime over the week.

  • I love your site and book, but unfortunately live nowhere near these great events.
    I see you are going to Cal. in Nov. I have followed this lovely ladies blog who lives there, and you might look at it:

    I think you will love her style.