A Coat For Fall

When I complimented this lovely lady on her coat she responded, “I bought it at a store on 23rd street, they make wild things.”

  • She looks fantastic – and not too wild – and that colour really suits her.

  • I love her colours, she is like a wild dream of joy

  • Looks pretty useful! Thanks!

  • WOOOOW! Fashion beautiful women! I must be like them when I get old.

  • Hey she looks very lovely. Nothing goes wild in that. I like her sky blue suitcase bag….Appreciate the choice… 🙂

  • Old coats had a very important thing: the QUALITY. I love them. This winter, I will wear one black coat that belonged to my spanish grandmother. I hope I will show it.
    Kisses from Spain,

  • This lovely lady is doing everything right. She looks "comfortable in her own skin" and gorgeous to boot. Not every woman has the gumption to wear orange and yet she carries it off beautifully. Cheers.

  • Hey, I have that coat! It's from Marimekko. They don't have orange this year, but they do have it in purple.

  • Anonymous

    Hey there!…..That's me in my orange coat!…..When this gentleman approached me at the bus stop and asked to take my picture, I was
    so flattered and happy to oblige ~ I'm an actor with a little color consultant business on the side. If you're interested in having your "colors"
    done, I can do that for you……. and promise doing so will change your life!

  • Anonymous

    WOW is right…..You do know your business……I loved the comments…..Is Laura Parsons a famous lady? her name sounds familar.

    You are blessed and sharing it well. Love, Karen