“Don’t Wear Beige — it Might Kill You”

A trip  to England isn’t complete without getting together with my dear friend Sue Kreitzman. We met for lunch at Fenwick where Sue came  dressed in one of her incredible Lauren Shanley coats. My favorite piece of style advice from Sue is, “Don’t wear beige— it might kill you.”

  • 'Don't wear beige-it might kill you.' Is so weird but so true. Love her outfit! Red is completely her colour.


  • I do agree. Beige kills any outfit. Mainly when one wear it closed the face.

  • Incredible look! Stylish and positive! Great!


  • Pure fantasy in red, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Tremendous, enthralling and definitely not beige

  • Well it certainly drains the colour out of your skin. Sue was featured on a TV programme about stylish older women recently and was an inspiration, as they all were.

  • Sue is a real star. I'm still smiling about my makeover!

  • Beige is a color for an area rug, not a color to dress yourself with. The color in Ms. Kreitzman's outfit really exudes a kind of personality that is confident and indifferent to what other people think

  • lOVE Love love this quote!!

  • She looks fantastic. I love red!

  • Sue is an artist, too, no?

  • Anonymous

    love the length that she wears. We should all have the courage to do so.