I am in California for a series of talks and signings and am overwhelmed by the feedback and stories that I am hearing from people who have purchased my book. It’s wonderful to know that the women I have photographed can have such a positive impact on the way we look at aging and vitality.
It was great to see my gorgeous friend Irene at my book signing at Koi this past weekend. I met Irene after my parents became acquainted with her at a jazz concert last year. She was walking around Thornton Winery (a winery and venue for live music near San Diego) holding my book, when my mom approached her and said, “That’s my son Ari’s book!” Irene purchased Advanced Style at Fireworks, one of my favorite stores in Seattle, and after flipping through the pages she was excited to see Sally Thornton, a style icon and owner of Thornton Winery featured on one of the pages. Irene brought the book to Thornton to have it signed by Sally, when my mom noticed her in the crowd. Irene expressed to me how the ladies I photograph have influenced her attitude towards aging and style.  I am excited to share her photograph here as she can now be a wonderful inspiration on us all!
  • Wow, Wow, and Wow! She looks like she has stepped right out of movie, but it doesn't look costumey on her. What a beautiful outfit and a stunning woman!

  • Chi

    Beautiful Lady…
    It goes to show that wearing black doesn't have to be boring & drab.

  • Beautiful photo, beautiful lady, beautiful clothes and beautiful accessories! What more can I say?!

  • No other word but "stunning" will do…she looks so incredibly elegant here; a true lady!!

  • Wow. I need to close my gaping mouth. Fan-flippin-tastic.

    This woman is stunning.


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  • fab !!

  • There is only one word for this, and it's in Yiddish, "Beshert!" Meant to be . . . .

  • Irene is as interesting as she is beautiful! <3

  • Is that a Chanel dress and neckpiece? She looks great.

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  • When the universe conspires …

  • When the universe conspires…

  • Amazing Irene, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I adore everything she is wearing and her panache.

  • This woman is stunning!!! Nice dress and necklace and also it shows that wearing black doesn't have to be boring & drab.

  • Waoo.. SO cool and dashing. I just can not imagine that some one at this age could look like so! i also wore once puma golf pants and was looking adorable like these.

  • Great post….
    She just look like a hollywood queen.
    i must shair it on my wall.
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    and her best accessory is her marvelous smile