Are You Afraid Of Wearing Color?

I often wonder why so many people are afraid to wear color. Walking around New York it’s a challenge to find brightly hued clothing in the crowds of people wearing all black. Yes black is safe and elegant and all that, but putting on a bit of color in the morning definitely brightens up my day. I love how the woman above plays with proportion and texture to make a stunning and bold fashion statement. If you are going to wear all black, why not wear it with pizazz? Are any of you out there afraid of wearing color?
  • i love wearing color! but i love to combine it with black so the color pops out! my favorite colors are turqoise, magenta, purple and green.

  • I tend to wear more black in the winter but try to mix it up with different fabrics and proportions like this woman. I love her coat/tunic/dress!

  • Eli

    I like colours too and people who wear colourful clothes.

  • Not afraid to wear colour here in Nanaimo! My yellow shoes and bright scarves receive many compliments. Thanks for asking.

  • Rose

    Wonderful! I adore wearing all black. But look at her wonderful red nails. That's how colour works!

  • Eli

    I like this Lady very much because she has a wonderful laugh.
    Greetings from Eli

  • I also wrote a post about the subject recently
    I´m wondering too… It´s so depressing ;o)
    Often I think it´s more convenient for people to wear black – I do not hope they are afraid, for their own sake.
    Maybe they just don´t know how to use colour. . .

    Keep up the good work ;o)

  • I love colors, the brighter the better. Red is may favorite.

  • My best friend says I look like a witch in black and not in a good way. So I wear colour!

    But finding great and exciting clothes is the challenge. Gudrun is my saviour =


  • Black colour is easy and makes thin and elegant (I supose too) but other colours speaks about you and transmit energy and happyness.
    Very big kiss from Madrid. Your blog is really amazing.
    Ah!! Love love love your post about Re-Deux ¡¡guauuu!!! she is cute ;D

  • totally agree!! in the morning, still sleepy, I take anything that is… dark: blue, jeans, grey, black, brown… no red, no green, no yellow, no patterns… I have homework to do. xoxo

  • Why is preferring to wear all black being afraid of color? I am just naturally drawn to dark hues as some people are drawn to bright hues. I've struggled with doubt when wearing black because people always have something to say about it. When I was younger they thought I was emo, now they just think I'm a starving artist, and some thing I just want to be a wallflower. What if I just love wearing black? It's my color. Just as much of a color as neon pink is.

  • I used to wear lots of color. But I don't know how or why, I just got bored with it. I did not know what to wear anymore.
    Now I'm wearing all black. I do not have to ask myself what to wear anymore. It saves a lot of time.