Golden Girl

Dolores wearing one of her own necklace designs

A few weeks ago Dolores Forsythe threw me a wonderful book signing event at her jewelry boutique in Coronado. Dolores was such an incredible host and it was great to meet so many new people and catch up with some of my childhood friends. Dolores’ shop is literally a hidden gem on the beautiful island of Coronado. If you are in the San Diego make sure to stop in and say hello for me! To see more of Dolores’ wonderful shop and work CLICK HERE.

  • Dolores is stunning!

  • What a stunning woman…and she's dressed to suit (the colours and fabrics she's wearing positively "glow!!") Her necklace is amazing, as well…too bad I'm nowhere near San Diego!!

  • Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww golden indeed.

  • What a beautiful woman! I love what she did with her hair color. And what a style and flair she has! Wow!

  • Qué guapa…