Linda Rodin Stars The Row’s Latest Look Book

All Images Courtesy of The Row and

When I started my blog back in 2008, I noticed how there was a set of younger women who were referencing the style of fashionable older women. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, designers of The Row, are probably the most notable among these chic young ladies who effortlessly mix vintage fashions with their own brand of eccentricity, and personal style. Bravo to the Olsen’s for taking one step further in the celebration of older women by casting 64-year-old Linda Rodin in their latest Look Book campaign. Check out an interview with Linda Rodin on for more on the shoot HERE.

  • She looks greate! 🙂

  • wonderful!

  • Ari, Linda looks truly lovely. How about giving us more of these stylish and understated elegant ladies and fewer of the zany and eccentric? The latter are lovely in their own way, but my preference is for your older posts (of a few years ago) which favoured more elegance and less zaniness.

  • Laury

    I first have to say that I am thrilled beyond words to have found this fantastic blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I have chosen a few favorite ladies here and Linda Rodin is one of them. Her style is creative and young, but oh so classic and beautiful. Thus, her look is timeless!

  • Linda is fab – and it's so good to see designers using older models, you've had a massive influence on this, Ari. Hoorah!

  • If only Linda Rodin was not attached to her glasses she would be so incredible. At least for this shoot they lightened up her lenses but still…..

    Dark glasses and scarves age women who are over age 50. Look back through all the photos and see how fresh and interesting the ladies look that do NOT wear those accessories.

  • Linda does a great job of modelling the clothes with an ageless style. I was amused by the commenter that asked you to focus more on the "elegant and stylish" and less on the "zany and eccentric". Someone should tell her that some of the most creative, witty, and interesting people have what she would call "zany and eccentric" style.

  • Judith@11.32a – I totally agree with you about "elegant and stylish" and less on "zany". Though the Zany and Eccentric ladies are showing an interesting take on fashion, I'd just as soon look at women wearing clothes I'd think about wearing.

    There's actually room for both on this blog

  • AGREE with Angele Style completely!

  • Anonymous

    Just discovered this blog – kudos, kudos, kudos!

    I agree with Judith – I think it's great when women of a "certain age" throw caution to the wind and dress how they "feel" rather than how society dictates they look. However, there are still older women such as myself, who still want to look elegant and sophisticated.

    Kudos, kudos, kudos also to the Olsen twins – these are two smart cookies!

  • Anonymous

    I totally disagree with judith. I love Linda's style but I actually connect more with the ."zanny" style of some of the other ladies, perhaps is because I have very little interest in mainstream fashion or even fashion in general and I tend to look at these pictures from a photographic and aesthetically point of view. I definitelly would wear some of the zanny clothes and looks on this blog and I'm definitelly more drawn to these posts, these ladies are genuine free spirits pushing the boundaries and basically just doing their thing