Maryann is one of the most creative dressers I know. I love the way she mixes different textures and fabrics, and adds her own handmade embellishments to create a style that is both on trend and truly unique. Maryann describes the act of dressing up as, “A creative process that brings me closer to my “Self”. It doesn’t really occur to me that people would have a hard time with
this; it’s a natural part of my day. My husband asked me recently “What
would you call that look?”, and I answered, “It’s just me!”

Here are some of my favorite of Maryann’s looks. Which do you like the best?!!!

  • That motorcycle jacket is being worked to within an inch of it's life! And I adore that crocheted Chanel-style number! Such an inspiration!

  • This woman is made of 100% pure awesome. I aspire to one day be half as cool as her.

  • I love the way Maryann mixes leather pieces in her outfits but always manages to look elegant as opposed to "biker-chick". I love every outfit she wears, and would love to meet her one day.

  • I like MaryAnn's 1st and 5th outfit! Both are just so put together and badass.

  • Who would have ever thought a basic black "canvas" could looks so fashion trendy and amazing?

  • I am totally inspired to get rid of 90 percent of what is in my closet, get my hair cut, and be me. Thanks!

  • Impossible to choose…each one of her looks is utterly striking!! I want to be MaryAnn when I grow up!! 😉

  • Anonymous

    I like all her outfits. To use some words I heard recently, "she's a well put together lady". I like her style. Would love to accomplish some of her great style. Bravo.

  • They are beautiful!!

  • Fashionmista

    She does biker chic or sophisticated elegance with a twist equally well. Fabulous array of ensembles.

  • She is SO sharp!! Shopping for some faux leather leggings right now!! 🙂

  • She is SO Sharp!!! Shopping for some faux leather leggings right now!!

  • I love her creativity! it is easy when you are have collected so many pieces over the years,its fun to experiment with new and different combinations! plus you have time to think and plan how you want to look,according to how you feel on any particular day! It's cool being old!