What Are Your Winter Style Secrets?

We have had a pretty cold start to winter in New York City and it’s been a bit to difficult to find style inspiration in a sea of black and brown puffy coats. My friend Maureen braved the cold, puffy coat aside, to come visit me and show me her brand new pink do. After I snapped a quick portrait of her she got back into her coat and headed for the nearest cafe. Maureen’s gorgeous scarf and statement glasses are the perfect accessories to add some color and fun to her sensible winter coat. What are your winter style secrets?

  • Mel

    I love her hair! It looks wonderful against her skin (and the bright colors in her lipstick and outfit). I love your blog; the photos remind me to eschew the gray and black colors that everyone in Seattle seems to favor.

  • Maureen certainly knows how to make a black puffy coat look fab!

  • Tee

    You go girl! Love it!

  • Tracy

    Love the colors with her skin tone. To perk up my winter wear, a brooch for my wool beret, a felted wool flower for my coat, a bright scarf!

  • Zoey

    An obnoxiously large scarf is my quick and easy way of looking foxy when it's bitterly cold.

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  • Maureen, how wonderfully you have combined these luscious colours. You are absolutely stunning and an inspiration. Thank you for the lovely Smile you gave me!

  • Eli

    It is so cold on the nothern hemisphere. It is a pleasure to see this Lady. She makes a grey cold day happy.

  • She is fabulous! The magenta color really suits her. Love it!

  • I LOVE this blog! Very inspiring. The fuchsia hair is fabulous!

  • This woman's hair is fab!

  • Fabulous look, fantastic matching color tone and gaze.