Carlos Lewis

As a kid I used to borrow my grandfather’s hats and wear them to school. I always felt a bit more confident wearing one of his wonderful, worn in bowlers. After meeting Milliner, Carlos Lewis, I decided it’s time to get something a bit snazzier. Check out Carlos’ incredible designs HERE.

  • I absolutely love your blog! I just started one and it would be awesome if you could check it out!

    Thanks!!! Xx

  • This wonderful man makes the most gorgeous hats. I can hardly wait to see your new purchase Ari.

  • That is one fine looking gentleman. Love the hat.

  • Spectacular! Great style and I fell in love with Carlos' designs.

  • Good to know that someone is preserving the art of hatmaking. His collection is wonderful.

  • Hilde

    A feast to look at a well dressed man.
    Love the look very much. (Paris)

  • So stunning! His hats are beautiful…I'm still peeking
    around his website…
    P.S. haven't seen Ilona for some time…I hope all is well! 🙂