How We Met: A Story for Valentine’s Day by Carol Markel

How We Met: A Story for Valentine’s Day
by Carol Markel

The year was 1962.
I was 18 and a freshman at Elmira College. Richard was 29 and a new
instructor of art at Elmira. The college held a convocation to introduce
the faculty to the students — an auditorium full of women. This was a
college for women only. The faculty was arrayed on the stage,
resplendent in their academic robes and mortar boards. The president of
Elmira, a one J. Ralph Murray, introduced each teacher starting with
full professors and continuing to instructors seated in the back row.
Each would stand upon hearing his name. J. Ralph came to Richard. He
stood. Tall, reed-thin, handsome, sandy, blond hair — a skinny Gregory
Peck. The women applauded. A collective swoon swept the theater.

Carol and Richard on their wedding day
hovering above me, shot an arrow which sailed right through my heart.
When the convocation was over, I ran down the aisle to where the Dean of
Students was sitting. Breathlessly, I inquired, “Is it too late to sign
up for an art class?” I had planned to major in English.

52 years later.
Richard and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day in Naples, Florida, We are
sharing a creative life — the only kind we can live. Cupid was right.
There is still a lot of love and laughter in our lives.

  • Sweet story! Thanks for sharing it in your blog.

  • That was lovely – perfect for Valentine's Day! I hope that Richard and Carol have many more happy years together.

  • OMG! How positively romantic. And how gorgeous they both are and were!
    Jean & Valerie

  • They fell in love because they mirror each other. They look like brother and sister. It's a phenomenon that people fall in love with people that look like themselves. Not always true of course,but more times than not. It's extremely interesting to observe.

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    Hermosa historia de verdadero amor !!! Gracias por compartirla. Rosana from Ushuaia, Argentina

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    What a lovely love story. Made me smile and my heart happy.

  • You both chose well! Have a happy day!

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  • Carol and Richard are a constant inspiration in many ways. A beautiful and colorful love story!

  • Elke Kuhn

    I have heard the story and of course loved it! Reading it with photographs of this beautiful couple makes it extra special and heart rending. They are so talented and joyful.