Orange is The New Black

  • That hat just screams "SPRING!"

  • Ugh, I hate orange, I'm so tired of seeing little orange dresses. All the female newscaster on TV have one and sometimes they all wear them at once. Orange is okay in small doses in a pattern but not a big blob. It was the color of the year in 2012 but is still hanging around. Last year was supposed to be green but I saw very little of it. This year Pantone says it will be Radiant Orchid. Now that I can take a lot of that, bring on any shade of purple and I'm happy.

  • Wow! gorgeous


  • Stylish, sizzling, scrumptious. She's so gorgeous. The colour suits this lovley lady so much. The hat is so beautiful and I love her pale stockings and orange nail polish.

  • Orange is a brave color and she wears it so well!

  • Beautiful dress love it

  • beautiful color collection Orange is a adventuresome bloom and she wears it so well nice post very nice article!

  • Anonymous

    What a lift on a drab February winter day!