Shocking Pink

I love everything about this woman’s look from her shocking pink hair and turban, to her wonderful coat and boots.

  • Anonymous

    I love her shocking pink hair and handbag. She is cool. Great look on a day of snow.

    • Anonymous

      That's a Lux de Ville bag. So many exquisite purses from that company. This woman rocks!

  • Perfect recipe to counteract today's snow storm!

  • OHHHH….I LOVE IT TOO!!!! She is beautiful and expressing her unique self with styel and grace. She looks like a walking talking painting.

  • Love her style!!!

  • She totally OWNS her look…and is even more beautiful because of it!!

  • She's FABulous!! Especially her hair and those awesome boots!! That's exactly how I want to look some day, strutting my stuff. 🙂

  • Love those love heart lips and the hair is amazing. What a gorgeous lady.

  • Fahionmista

    This lady is everything. Love the hair. Love those boots.

  • There's a 20's flapper meets 70's punk in there – she's got such a cool look, I'd love to hear her story.

  • You need to hunt this fabulous woman down to take more photos. Good grief, she is wonderful.

  • Wow,Excellent post. Its very nice and gorgeous photos. Thanks for your post.

  • I tell everyone that when my hair turn grey/white I will dye it bright purple. These photos are so inspiring. she has a lovely style!

  • Superb. An Icon.

  • Anonymous

    Now THAT's pure, unabashed, elegant, timeless, joyful, beauty!