Style Consistency

I always love running into this stunning woman when I am photo hunting near Madison Avenue. Every time I’ve stopped her she has been wearing her signature black hat, a wonderful scarf, coat, and pair of earrings. The other day I finally asked her to describe her style to me and she responded, “I always wear black, it’s easy. Then I add some accessories.” She definitely has a look all her own, and an elegant one at that.

  • Beautiful. Her hat is perfect too.

  • This is one stylish gal I will try to copy! She left out one thing, lip color seems to be a consistent item too.

    I have already adopted the less is more make up rule/guideline. Now I just need me some houndstooth!

  • Love this woman's look. So stylish. And also, so "her age".

    I may be the only older woman reading here, who does not care for all the makeup on older women.

    This lady is wonderful!


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  • Having one main color in ones wardrobe makes life much easier. Start with the basic and just add on for whatever the day may bring.

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    I love her style and pretty much dress that way myself.

  • Really beautiful!

  • Just beautiful!

  • Beautiful!!!

  • Can i send you pictures of advanced style Ladies from miami?

  • I love her style. She looks amazing..

  • Recently started following your blog and I absolutely love your photography. Beautiful.

  • beautiful, and stylish!

  • Waou this is nice

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    This woman is lovely. So nice to see someone natural looking rather than the frightening exaggerated madwoman makeup favored by too many of your subjects!

  • Wow She looks very elegant and in vogue.