Go Blue

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Dolores when I’m in San Diego. Check out her wonderful jewelry shop HERE.

  • She's beautiful, I love this look!

  • When it comes to anything fashion-related, more and more I'm realizing that "never say never" are words to live by. Blue hair?? Suddenly, I think it's fabulous!! And the jewellery (her own designs, I imagine) is boho-fabulous!!


  • Dolores is beautiful and the silver/grey/turquioise/mauve colour she wears suits her so much. Just stunning.

  • What a beautiful hair! I want mine that way!


  • Paul B

    May I say what a beautiful lady Dolores is! And her smile melts my heart!

  • Fresh beauty and fabulousssssssssssss

  • Delores is gorgeous! I checked out her jewelry shop about a month ago, and I can attest to the many fabulous pieces on display.