Moving to the Center of the Bed

  • Sheila Weinstein is wonderful! And thank you Ari for your appreciation and for bringing her to us.

  • Sheila is an inspiring woman. And I adore that frog!

  • Wow, what an inspiration!

  • This is a great profile of a great woman who has overcome grief to begin living a new and creatively fulfilling life! Thank you for sharing her story here – I know someone who will benefit from reading her book so I'll be purchasing a copy to give as a gift =-)

  • Sheila is gorgeous and inspiring. Her story resonates with me and many others. Thank you Sheila!

  • Great story and wonderful photo.


  • She sounds wonderful! I need to find a subtle way to point my mother in law in her direction – the poor lady has really been adrift since her husband passed 3 years ago.

  • Her story is very inspiring and she is a stunning woman. I hope I age as well as she has. It may have taken her a while to move to the Center of her life, but I'm so glad she was able to find the courage to do it, and has now found a life on her own that is filled with creativity and meaning.

  • fashion, style and chic are in every age.