I am always blown away by how talented and creative the ladies and gentleman I photograph are. Nonnie is wearing an outfit of her own design, paired with a hat by her new best friend Debra Rapoport. You definitely can’t buy this kind of style off the rack.

  • That hat is FABULOUS!! and I love the outfit! It reminds me why I studied pattern drafting and fashion design – to create clothes no one else would have that you couldn't find on the racks!

    I am always inspired by the women you showcase on your blog, though I don't always comment. Thank you for creating this blog Ari – I can see my future when I peek at this blog and I know my future is bright and BURSTING with creativity! =-)

  • Anonymous

    … oh YES – I'm looking forward to ageing with 'Ari and his specials' in mind as well, despite the fact of never ever realy seeing him in rl.
    I love this man.

    Love, Linda

  • The colour combination of her pantsuit is so striking…and that hat?! Made for this look!!

  • She is totally a icon,so stylish like an artwork not just fashion
    good job

    Royal Wang

  • She looks lovely in all ways.

  • This blog rocks! A totally neglected audience. Would love to see more fashion posts and ideas!

    Rosa Talavera

  • Just so inspirational

  • OMG, she is friggin' adorable, and wearing a hat made by Debra, just is the icing on a fabulous cake.

  • Super duper!

  • She is just so vibrant in so many ways.

  • The Coat and pants are fabulous! It is so fashionable with its pattern. And the length and style makes it so elegant too!

  • And I happen to knowthat the Lining Fabric was even more fabulous. And Debra's hat is the icing, literally, on the stylish cake.