SEX AFTER 80??? Oui, Oui, Si, Si, A rousing YES in every language

AFTER 80???   Oui, Oui, Si,
Si,  A rousing YES in every

you know that sexual desire can be considerable at any age? In fact, an active sex life can
increase longevity among senior 
people. So, get out there
and remember, SEX has no age and LOVE has no age.
GOOD!!!vWalking along 5th
Avenue, and I’m dressed in an
outfit that I know will make heads turn—I find young men, older men, young
women, older women smiling broadly at me, even paying me compliments. I feel GREAT, I feel SEXY and ALIVE and
my confidence soars. I could
succeed in anything! I HAVE NO AGE. Get yourself a fabulous
outfit, go out there and THROW

FANTASIES, If you have an
imagination then you must  at
sometime, have had sexual fantasies. I have  them and enjoy them! I will never forget the wonderful love story of THE ENGLISH PATIENT
brought  to the screen with Kristen Scott Thomas and Ralph Fiennes. If you haven’t seen it do get a
copy. The unforgettable torrid love scenes between
these two have never left me. I wish I could have been Kristen Scott
Thomas. YES, YES. Sexual fantasy can
be great.

OLD BECAUSE WE STOP PLAYING.”(George Bernard Shaw)  

I would love to hear your thoughts!                                     

-Joyce Carpati
  • Great, Joyce! I also love that we're getting thoughts on sex from the most ladylike of "Ari's ladies". Bravo.

  • Rebecca

    Joyce, you are a gorgeous woman who is essentially ageless in their beauty and wisdom. I love it when you are featured on Ari's blog as you are so elegant and full of joie de vivre!

  • Joyce, this is a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for shattering a myth! As long as we are alive we can be vibrant in all areas. Brava!

  • Why would sex change, one has to adjust to growing older and the bodily changes that happen after mid-life, but why would sex stop.. I would have loved to hear more details in the article about her life and how it has evolved for her.

  • Hear, hear, Joyce…Now let's tell the men! 🙂

  • Absolutely, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • wow so cool:) <3

    New on

  • Yes!! Clear and forthright thoughts on a subject that needs more 'exposure.' 🙂

  • Beautifully written by a most elegant lady.Another of those age related myths .!

  • Yessss. You go, girl.

  • A sleek yet glamorous look!! I adore the long pearl necklace…and the hair!! And that lovely quote from Mr. Shaw hits the nail on the head, doesn't it?!

  • Anonymous

    Yes…unlikely to happen though, in my case.Acute man shortage here and don't even bother looking if you are over 60.

  • Thanks for your photo post.I like this woman.She like beautiful girl.Shes dress look nice.

  • As I have grown older, my internal life has become richer as my confidence to just 'be me' continues to increase. This is a killer combination for expressing my sensuality, sexuality and desire. I think there's a 'middle age' where kids, work etc can sap us of our desire and opportunity… I figure once that's past – there'll be no blinking stopping me. You are utterly captivating. X

  • OMG she is so gorgeous ! A real queen of style !

  • what lucky men your lovers must be!

    love, barbara

  • Inspiring words from a sassy, smart and sexy woman. The Shaw quote is the absolute truth.

  • Eli

    This is the truth! Every day to live with confidence includes sex at any age like I want it.
    Thank you for all suggestions the great ladies, thank you Joyce!!

  • thanksss,,,,

  • I think the sexiest love scene I have ever watched on celluloid was the one between Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster — the one on the beach with the waves washing over them. Can't remember the name of the movie, but boy oh boy, that was some scene!

  • Anonymous

    clearly one the most beautiful woman on earth, spellbounding
    incredible photo & great message

  • Anonymous

    She is hot!

  • You look fabulous Joyce and it's only right that heads should turn! I love your advice to put on something wonderful and get out on the streets to show it off to all and sundry. Yes, we forget how looking good and knowing that heads turn affects our morale – which in turn affects the way we might think about sex. Which as you say should have no age limit. Enjoyed being reminded of the George Bernard Shaw quote too. Thank you 🙂