Cape Dress

This woman was by far the most elegantly dressed person I saw over Easter weekend. Her stunning cape dress is obviously vintage, and she has probably been wearing it for many years, but it remains in perfect condition. At the risk of sounding like my grandmother — they just don’t make clothes like they used to.

  • Nothing wrong with sounding like your grandmother. Half your fans probably hold that title…if not more than half. LOL

  • Anonymous

    The lady is gorgeous!

  • full of style

  • Someone should recreate this. It's really stunning! In a dove gray?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is vintage. I have the same cape purchased in 1960. Loved it then; love it now! I just adore seeing people dressed up like this lovely lady. I'm so weary of grungy attire.

  • Amen to that! Gorgeous…

  • The dress is fabulous, but the HAT really caught my eye in the second photo — I love how the fabric is sculpted to look like a cabbage rose. Exquisite!

  • Ultramarine! Ruby red!

    I wouldn't be surprised if its home made. I think it's beautiful.

    Ari (if that's you?) Vintage clothing has long hems and wide seams to allow for adjustment so I agree with your lovely grandmother.
    Smiles . . .

  • She is so stylish and she looks so fresh with that nice color on her. I just love the cape dress and it is such a great piece to have in your wardrobe !

    Have a great week!


  • Anonymous

    I think it is gorgeous …. love the buttons on the shoulders … so elegant!

  • She looks so elegant in the cape dress with the stunning hat. That's the epitome of timeless style.

  • The hat increases the beauty of the dress.. Good Smile too 🙂

  • Gives a good look:)

  • So effortlessly elegant… it's a beautiful style, she wears it gracefully… love this picture of this beautiful woman.