New York Style

I met this stunning woman on a very windy day near Madison Avenue. I offered to help her across the street and asked if I could take her photograph. When I asked what inspired her style she replied, ” Me, I dress up for me. That part of the day is about me and the rest is about other people. I get dressed up everyday as if I am going to New York City, even though I live here. I know I’m one of the only people in New York who dresses anymore.”

  • Star Girl

    Ari, this lady is so chic! You need to photograph her again. Please.

    PS I'm a long time lurker, first time commenter. Love your work!

  • She's wonderful and looks elegant and so well put together. I love her style.

  • Tres chic!

  • Lovely sense of style!!
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    Fashion and the City

  • ,,,lovely. "me. i dress for me." advice anyone can promise to get behind!,,,

  • Love that comment – to dress for yourself instead of others. What a chic outlook and outfit!