Red Shoes

I met up with Joyce to discuss our travel plans for The Advanced Style Documentary. She only had a few minutes as she was meeting a friend for dinner. Doesn’t she look simply marvelous?

  • That necklace is incredible! She looks like a million bucks.


  • i LOVE how the pearls and red shoes are the stand outs in this outfit! Also love her lipstick color – it looks like a berry toned red – so pretty!

  • Ese collar.. esos zapatos….
    Maravillosa elegancia.

  • I wish young people dressed like this for dinner!!

  • Yes. Totally fabulous.

  • That dress with those pearls – perfection! Hoping to see you in April.

  • Are you coming to miami?

  • Beautiful!!!!!! Are you coming to miami for the documentary?

  • She is the most Elegant Woman I have ever seen in my life. She has the talent how to get old by Grace. All my best to her and thank You for sharing these lovely photos to us.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  • I was just thinking how simple shapes and block colours can make a maximum impact in an outfit. She looks wonderful.

  • Love it. She looks marvelous! Great photography. ..the red is really popping on the shoes.

  • I really enjoy your blog, and have awarded you the sunshine and shine on awards!

  • it's very fabulous.

  • I like the necklace and that red shoes. See the glow on her face.I am just amazed to see the glow at this age on her face.