Rollerena at The Easter Parade

I always love attending the Easter Parade and seeing how creatively everyone puts themselves together. Studio 54 legend Rollerena is a perennial favorite! Even though I’m usually too busy snapping photos at the parade to stop for a photo, Mangue Banzima from Qui Style, was able to get some shots of me in action below.

Photo via Qui Style
Photo via Qui Style

  • Wow that is some outfit Ari! I am sure everyone looked fantastic.

  • Oh my goodness!!! You look fantastic!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love your flamingo outfit!

  • I LOVE YOUR HAT!!! And what a treat to see YOU in action on your own blog =-)

  • Great fun…that costume of yours! Makes me want to go to Bush Gardens. LOL

  • Eli

    Ari, you look so stunning!!

  • Rollerena, of course, is a classic. Mr. Cohen, I admire your sense of style and color here…even if the hat might be too much for me. The point being that we who have style and are not cowardly conformists dress for ourselves. Anyone on the street who laughs or makes a negative comment needs to see themselves and the picture is never pretty. I call them "sewer hayseeds".