Houndstooth and Red Lipstick

This stunning woman was walking up Madison Avenue when I noticed her from across the street. I quickly ran to catch up to her and asked if I could take her photograph. I love the sharp contrast between her wonderful hair and bright red lipstick

  • Not to mention her gorgeous eye makeup. She's so cool!

  • omg I wonder if these women KNOW who is taking their photo! I would be SO flattered, years from now, to be featured as an Advanced Style lady!

  • Oooh, Ari, I think I'd even try to do it the otherway round: … catch up with you.
    Just to hear what you might possibly find special on my outfit and/or me since you gorgeously WANT to find something no matter where = YOUR views/way to look at things – brilliant!

    LG, Gerlinde

  • When I grow up, I hope I look half as good as her walking down the street 😀

    ♥ Gita @ mimiandchichi.com

  • Anonymous

    She is stunning and so elegant. She holds herself like a dancer.

  • I agree…her hair and makeup are striking!! Another perfect example of how beauty can truly be ageless!!



  • houndstooth works at any age. I just started my own blog (www.newrhythmfashion.blogspot.com) and all your posts inspire me so much. x

  • I like that contrast, too, especially when worn with gray – can't explain, it just *works*. This lady knows. 🙂

  • So beautiful!!!!


  • you are looking so beautiful

  • Woah, this is my mom Sheila! She modeled when she was younger. This is great!

    • I think she photographs well…and she's 69 or 70.

  • Does she date guys from the east river?