Spirited Style

I met this gorgeous woman while photo hunting near Madison Avenue. After snapping a quick portrait,  she flung her hand in the air and said, “That was fun. Let’s try it again.” I only spent a few quick moments with this wonderful lady, but it was a joy to see how much spirit she shared with me.

  • I wasn't having the best day and then this hit my in box. These folks are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing them with us. My day has improves are sly in the last 3 minutes. :))

  • These photographs leave me smiling. Thank you.

  • gorgeous!

  • Anna

    She's wonderful.She has a beautiful smile though her pains. She gave me a lot of optimism.

  • I'm dealing with a rather serious DVT right now – and often feeling a little sorry for myself. This lady reminds me that life may come with its challenges…but the right attitude can smooth away many of those rough edges!!


  • Eli

    A great smile and zest for life!!
    Thank you so much!

  • These photographs leave me smiling


  • She's a hero with a wonderful smile, a beautiful heart. x x x

  • Love this!!


  • Pat Walker

    Since I also walk with a rollator I am encouraged with this lady.