Lana Turner

I ran into the always stunning Lana Turner in Lincoln Center. She only had a minute to pose before heading off to meet some friends for some summer swing dancing.

  • I would go swing dancing with her in a heartbeat.

  • I like look

  • Wow!! What a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful dress!!!!!

  • Oh my gosh how fun to go to a swing dance and she looks the part, so cye and all.
    I have friends going to the Lincoln Center they are in DC now

  • That dress is just so beautiful. I bet it's a joy for her to wear it.

  • Lana, you are so beautiful. You remind me of the joy I had from dancing.

  • Beautiful!

  • Wow…talk about ageless style!! Without your caption, it would be impossible to know if this photo was taken today…or fifty years ago!! Beautiful outfit, beautiful lady!!

  • Anonymous

    How fun is that?!?!

  • Oh, I love her dress. How chic!

  • She looks as sweet as Summertime. LOVE the shoes.

  • I saw you from HONY! Keep it up! 🙂

  • Belissima.

  • Anonymous

    Found your blog and am obsessed with finding more about Ms Lana Turner, her vintage style is impeccable.

  • She looks sweet

  • She's wonderful.